Question on the use of parameters instead pf property directive

Jul 18, 2012 at 8:33 PM


I have found your code really useful. I am building a code generator for a four-layer application with MVC as the front end. Your code has helped a lot as I was lost in building a Custom Host outside of VS. Very nice code with good error reporting, which is so important when working with T4. 

One question I have is can I use parameters instead of your property directive. I would prefer to use parameters as a) people understand it and b) if I build a VS Add-In and use VSHost then I don't have to change the code or templates. The problem I see is that the parameters are passed in the Host session and your code doesn't provide access to it.

Have you any suggestions/comments? I am happy to change your code myself but I wanted to ask the expert first

Jon Smith - Selective Analytics